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Thermal Protection

Are you looking for thermal protection to safeguard the cables and electronics within your company? Then Shieldinx, with its knowledge and experience in this field, is the suitable company for you. We specialize in finding thermal protection solutions in various situations and projects.

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Conductive elastomers

Our specialization in thermal protection

Thermal protection shields your business’s cables and electronics from heat and sparks. It prevents motor overload and thus limits the current your device is allowed to consume. We are a leading company in the field of thermal and mechanical protection solutions for electronics. We offer a complete package of products that provide solutions for your:

Properly shielding your electronic enclosure is a serious matter that, when included early in the design process, leads to the least cost and time wastage. Therefore, a solution from us is always inventive while aiming to keep additional costs low. Moreover, engaging a professional minimizes irritation within your project. We look at your design and provide the right thermal protection, such as plastic thermal management.

Engage us as your partner

Do not hesitate to engage us as your partner in thermal management solutions. With our experience in the electronics industry, we will convert your challenge into a fitting solution as quickly as possible. Contact us as early as possible to look at your design. The later we get involved in thermal protection in your design, the more difficult it becomes to make adjustments.



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Wave-X is an effective and reliable solution for EMI and RF suppression thanks to its advanced formulation.


As the inventor of the fabric over foam (FOF) technology, we have been a leader in EMI gaskets for over 30 years. A polyurethane core, wrapped in highly conductive fabric provides excellent shielding and grounding capabilities.


Braided sleeving is available in Polypropylene and Polyamide as standard.


Thermal gap pads are typically used to bridge components to a heat sink or chassis.