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Are you looking for reliable thermal shielding for the equipment and electronics within your company? Shieldinx is the right partner for your project. With our years of knowledge and experience, we are a leading company in our field. It is our job to find a fitting solution for your challenge.

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Why is thermal shielding important for your electronics?

Thermal shielding, also known as thermal insulation, is crucial for protecting the electronics within your company. Heat-resistant gaskets prevent heat loss and water absorption of your equipment. This not only saves energy but is also important for the safety of you and your staff. It protects against heat, sparks, and burns from hot electronics.

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As a specialist in thermal management solutions, we offer a complete range of products for insulating your electronics and equipment. A selection from our range includes:

  • Outdoor EMI sealing
  • Dynagreen sealing
  • Dynashear sealing

To determine which thermal shielding is suitable for your electronics, we are happy to advise you.

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Do you want to know more about protecting your electronics? To engage us as your partner for the thermal shielding of your electronics, simply contact us. You can easily request a quote for your project via the contact form.

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Wave-X is an effective and reliable solution for EMI and RF suppression thanks to its advanced formulation.


As the inventor of the fabric over foam (FOF) technology, we have been a leader in EMI gaskets for over 30 years. A polyurethane core, wrapped in highly conductive fabric provides excellent shielding and grounding capabilities.


Braided sleeving is available in Polypropylene and Polyamide as standard.


Thermal gap pads are typically used to bridge components to a heat sink or chassis.