Extrudable absorbers

Wave-X Heat – yet another EMI absorber innovation from ARC Technologies. Wave-X Heat is a heat-shrinkable tube absorber. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your wire and cable assemblies, neatly sealing junctions and connector interfaces – while absorbing unwanted EMI interference. EMI interference, both conducted and radiated, is a common problem with wires, cables and interconnects.

A traditional solution has been to install bulky, heavy and visually unattractive ferrite cores onto the cable and then over-mold the ferrite. Another crude option is to wrap conductive tape over the offending cable or connection.

Wave-X Heat is simply slipped over the cable or connector, heat is applied and the absorber shrinks to conform. Wave-X Heat has an inner layer of thermoplastic polymer, blended in exacting ratios with magnetically permeable metal powders. The outer layer is a high dielectric thermoset polymer. When moderate heat is applied, the product shrinks to approximately a 3:1 ratio.