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Thermal management solutions by Pentair

Pentair offers bespoke thermal management solutions that promise to deliver top-notch performance and reliability for a variety of industrial applications. Pentair’s comprehensive approach to thermal management incorporates innovative materials and designs, catering to a wide range of applications from industrial processing to consumer electronics.

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Conductive elastomers

Pentair offers advanced thermal management solutions

Pentair extends their expertise in thermal management solutions into specific areas such as thermal shielding for electronics. These specialized solutions are crucial for protecting sensitive electronic components from overheating and ensuring that automotive systems perform reliably in various thermal conditions. Pentair’s approach integrates seamlessly with the needs of modern electronics and automotive industries, offering tailored solutions that enhance durability and performance. By addressing the unique thermal challenges of these sectors, Pentair ensures that its clients benefit from the highest standards of protection and efficiency.

Elevate your thermal management strategy

For businesses seeking to advance their thermal management strategies, Pentair offers solutions designed to optimize performance and protect vital components. At Shieldinx, we recognize the importance of integrating superior thermal management practices into your operations. Whether you are looking to enhance the thermal efficiency of electronic systems or improve automotive component durability, Pentair provides the expertise and solutions necessary to achieve your objectives. Contact us today to discover how Pentair’s innovative thermal management solutions, along with Plansee’s advanced materials, can elevate your thermal management strategy to new heights, ensuring your systems operate efficiently and reliably under any condition.



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Wave-X is an effective and reliable solution for EMI and RF suppression thanks to its advanced formulation.


As the inventor of the fabric over foam (FOF) technology, we have been a leader in EMI gaskets for over 30 years. A polyurethane core, wrapped in highly conductive fabric provides excellent shielding and grounding capabilities.


Braided sleeving is available in Polypropylene and Polyamide as standard.


Thermal gap pads are typically used to bridge components to a heat sink or chassis.