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Thermal management solutions by Plansee

Plansee leads the way in thermal management solutions, with high-performance materials engineered for demanding environments. From electronics to automotive and aerospace, Plansee’s thermal management technologies ensure devices and systems operate efficiently, reliably, and safely, even under the most demanding conditions.

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Conductive elastomers

Plansee offers comprehensive thermal management strategies

The thermal management solutions by Plansee stand out for their ability to seamlessly integrate with other leading thermal management technologies, such as those offered by Pentair. This synergy enhances the overall effectiveness of thermal management systems, including those critical for the performance and longevity of EV batteries. Plansee’s advanced materials, such as their high-performance thermal pads for electronics, are essential for achieving optimal thermal conductivity and heat distribution. These solutions are especially crucial in applications where managing heat is vital to maintaining the reliability and efficiency of electronic components and battery systems.

Enhance your thermal management

In today’s technology-driven world, the need for efficient and dependable thermal management has never been greater. Plansee thermal management solutions provide the innovative materials and technologies necessary to meet these challenges head-on. At Shieldinx, we understand the critical role that advanced thermal protection plays in the success of your products and systems. Contact us today to learn more about how Plansee’s thermal management solutions can elevate your projects and ensure they perform at their best, regardless of the thermal challenges they face.



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