Conductive elastomers

Our line of silicone gaskets provides shielding capability in various markets and applications, including the military, aerospace, medical, fluid seal, environmental and microwave applications. Our silicone elastomers are specifically designed for gasketing applications that require high levels of attenuation up to 120 db.

SEM is renowned for its high quality EMI shielding gaskets. We provide a full family of products to meet a wide spectrum of shielding needs. Our silicone gaskets meet customer needs in a variety of markets, with very competitive pricing. Engineers can now fulfill all their shielding needs from one manufacturer, rather than having to go through multiple distributors or resellers.

Silicone, the base material for elastomers, has environmental sealing properties. Shielding is achieved by incorporating various media in the silicone, depending on the product. Wire is used to provide conductivity in the oriented silicone line and a non-corrosive particle is added to the extruded parts. Because conductive elastomers can be extruded, many different profiles and lengths can be made to suit any application.