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Thermal management for your electric vehicle

As an electric vehicle continues to surge in popularity, the need for effective thermal management becomes increasingly important. From cooling systems that prevent overheating in scorching summer heat to insulation that keeps the cold at bay during winter drives, our solutions at Shieldinx ensure your electric vehicle runs smoothly in any climate.

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Conductive elastomers

Providing your electric vehicle with advanced thermal management

Within the realm of thermal management for your electric vehicle, the role of thermal pads is indispensable. These pads function as conductive bridges, filling the voids between heat sources and sinks to enhance the cooling efficiency. They are particularly crucial in the intricate electrical architecture of an EV, which demands consistent thermal protection. These pads complement the broader spectrum of thermal protection electronics, offering a safeguard against the variable temperatures that can affect vehicle performance. In the same vein, plastic automotive thermal management has evolved, offering lighter, more efficient alternatives to traditional materials. These innovations go hand in hand with EV battery thermal management systems, which are specifically designed to maintain the ideal operating temperatures for your vehicle’s powerhouse, thus ensuring your journey is as reliable as it is enjoyable.

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When it comes to the thermal management for your electric vehicle, the stakes are high, and the benefits of getting it right are even higher. Whether you are tackling the daily commute or embarking on a cross-country road trip, your EV’s performance hinges on the effectiveness of its thermal management system. If you are ready to enhance the thermal regulation of your electric vehicle, it is time to act. Contact us for an expert consultation and discover the bespoke thermal management solutions that will drive your EV’s performance forward. Take control with top-tier thermal management for your electric vehicle and request your quote today!



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Wave-X is an effective and reliable solution for EMI and RF suppression thanks to its advanced formulation.


As the inventor of the fabric over foam (FOF) technology, we have been a leader in EMI gaskets for over 30 years. A polyurethane core, wrapped in highly conductive fabric provides excellent shielding and grounding capabilities.


Braided sleeving is available in Polypropylene and Polyamide as standard.


Thermal gap pads are typically used to bridge components to a heat sink or chassis.